Transparency and traceability is becoming more and more important in sourcing. Increasing legal requirements and stakeholder expectations regarding sustainability and compliance make transparent supply chains necessary for any sourcing activity. On top of that, the ongoing crisis is impacting the industry on an unprecedented scale. In order to maintain control and proximity amid extensive travel restrictions, establishing communication channel along the entire supply chains are a must. Relevant information about products and suppliers need to be available at all time to ensure aspects of liabilities and critical stakeholder communication. Remote KPI-monitoring is an essential tool that empowers customers to reach their goals.


All products of Sustainable Pakistan partners come with transparent supply chains and a software-based KPI solution. The software solution builds trust in producers and products. The software allows external access of KPIs in real time. This way, customers can stay on track with their suppliers' performance in all relevant aspects, be it productivity, social or environmental indicators. For example, KPIs related to the customers targets, such as carbon and water footprint, can be instantly retrieved and tracked. This makes it easy to access important data and use it for reporting or visualise it for marketing purposes


KPI-based reporting is another way our KPI solution benefits individual customers or larger initiatives. All KPI’s relevant to the indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals, Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria (ESG) and the Global Reporting Initiative can be integrated in the software and be reported along all supply chains.


Transparency is a crucial aspect of Sustainable Pakistan, as it provides insight into otherwise obscure global processes and makes globalisation tangible. It is expressed through transparent KPI-based data along the supply chain, documentation of workers involved, and stories about the production and the people behind it.

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