Social Compliance

Globalisation provides immense opportunities for people in developing countries. Unfortunately, it also enables exploitation of vulnerable people. But trade can be done differently. Countless businesses and factories are committed to provide decent work and development for their community. On top of that, the international community has developed various standards to guide and regulate social compliance.


Some of these standards are the OECD Guidelines of Multinational Companies, Sustainable Development Goals, various initiatives like the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI), and of course, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In general, occupational health and safety (OHS), living wages, social benefits and reasonable working hours need to be provided for workers at all stages of the supply chain. Furthermore, all forms of slavery, bonded or forced labour need to be eradicated from all stages of production.

Training and Certification

Every partner of Sustainable Pakistan complies with the highest social compliance standards. Besides inviting only responsible businesses, the project audits, trains and certifies all partner factories. In collaboration with CSI and GIZ, all partner factories have access to workshops and ongoing support regarding social compliance. After participating in activities and programmes organised by the GIZ, our partners are not just certified to meet all requirements in the present moment, but are also well-equipped to ensure social compliance in the future. Many go beyond simply complying and pro-actively extend benefits to workers, contribute to sustainable development goals such as gender equality and decent work, and engage with the community. Social compliance training and certification is also useful for brands wishing to join multi-stakeholder initiatives, such as BSCI or ETI.


All relevant social compliance indicators can be traced through transparent supply chains using a software that allows monitoring of KPI's in the entire supply chain. Standards, audits, training records and record of workshop participation related to social compliance can be integrated in the database. This helps our customers reach their goals related to social compliance, facilitates reporting, and provides ample data that can be used for marketing and storytelling

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