Many innovative materials, processes and solution are available on the market. However, implementing them remains a challenge for businesses, as it means change and readjustment of existing processes

The aim of Sustainable Pakistan is to take these innovations and help our partner factories to put them into practice. For this, a total of 12 physical workshops have been conducted by CSI and GIZ so far. COVID19 and its consequences unfortunately brought the planning process to halt. Thankfully, some workshops representatives of the GIZ were able to conduct workshops on behalf of CSI covering the topics of COVID19 and Change Management.

Starting May 2020, CSI launched a webinar series to substitute physical workshops. So far, almost 200 people have participated in the physical workshops while more than 200 people participated in the webinars. Workshop and webinar topics include occupational health and safety, compliance, environmental management, sustainable global supply chain management, digitization and innovation, change management, communication, reporting and many more.

Many workshops are made up of several levels, which allows the participants to gradually improve their knowledge and skill set. At the same time, the numerous workshops give factories the option to first gain fundamental knowledge and later take part in more advanced or specialized workshops. What is more, factories can flexibly choose which workshop topics are relevant for their business and adjust participation to their specific goals.

The workshops take an interactive approach to learning. This empowers participants to not just absorb information better, but also apply what they have learned in their factory. In the end, innovation cannot be taught from a book, but must be integrated into one's way of thinking. The interactive workshops and webinars provide participants with the necessary knowledge and opportunity to practice new skills to implement innovation in their business.

Most of the factories are participating on a regular basis. Feedback on the workshops has been outstanding, so much that factories requested several additional workshops.

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